Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria: Domainking Review 2020

Good day friends. Today, I am going to talk about cheap web hosting in Nigeria, in which I will Write some review on Domainking, one of the web hosting companies I know that offer cheap web hosting in Nigeria. This company is based in Nigeria, there are other web hosting companies in Nigeria that offer cheap web hosting in Nigeria too, but I just decided to focus primarily on Domainking in this particular article, I will possibly write about others in subsequent times.This review is based on my true experience with this company from the very first time I hosted some of my websites with them until now.

Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria

As a web developer that has had different experiences with different host companies and as a tech blogger too, I really feel it is necessary to write some review on some hosts that I have used in times past and those that I’m currently using. So, in this article, my review is focused on cheap web hosting in Nigeria and Domainking precisely.


In our quest to have some online presence for our business or companies, we opt to have a website or blog to promote our business, this is really one of the best ways to make our business sell more. In some situations, we have made budget for this but it seems the budget is way below the required budget to host a website, hence, this could trigger the search for cheap web hosting in Nigeria, worldwide or any country at all.

It is actually something normal for a developer or blogger to search for cheap web hosting, yes, this will help him find a host plan that will be able to meet the client’s budget especially if the person in question is just at start-up level and does not have enough money to pay all bills.

As we seek for cheap web hosting in Nigeria or any country, there are many other important things to consider aside the price. The objective is not just to have any cheap Web hosting in Nigeria, but rather, to have a reliable cheap Web hosting in Nigeria that you will not regret having. This is why it is very important to make some research on web host companies before you decide on which to have.

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So, read on. This article will help you with every necessary information on Domainking, one of the domain registrar and web hosting companies that offer cheap web hosting in Nigeria, giving you the knowledge to decide whether to use them or not. As I said before, I am writing based on my own personal experience.

So, I will go on to explain some concepts and define some terms below.

What is web hosting service?

Web hosting service is a service that enables your website to be accessible (online) on the internet 24/7 after you have developed it.

How does web hosting work?

Web hosting is offered by a company known as web hosting company, these companies have servers hosted on cloud which remains uninterrupted 24/7. Hence, you pay them to allocate a space to you on their server where your website will be stored and made accessible to the general public from any part of the world.

What is Cheap Web hosting in Nigeria? What does this mean?

Cheap Web hosting in Nigeria deals with hosting companies that offer hosting services below the prices charged by other companies. This is to enable people host their websites and blogs at an affordable price.

Does this Domainking web hosting in Nigeria offer domain registration too?

Yes, they do. Most Web hosting companies are domain registrars too.

Which cheap web hosting company in Nigeria should I go for?

It is a good thing you asked this question. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable web hosting in Nigeria to host your small or medium scale website or blog, then I would recommend Domainking. This is based on the experience I have had with them for several years, ranging from their cheap and swift services, easy payment methods that will allow you pay easily from anywhere in Nigeria or any part of the world, their customer support and assistance, their affiliate marketing system, and others.

Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria: Domainking Review 2020

Is Domainking the only cheap web hosting in Nigeria?

No, not at all. There are many other cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria too. But I decided to write on Domainking since I have had series of experiences with them.

My experience with Domainking:

Domainking was the very first cheap web hosting in Nigeria I used when I hosted my first website several years ago. I was so amazed by their cheap prices and payment options they have which enables you to just go into any local bank in Nigeria and make payment to their accounts, then send them a screenshot of the teller or rather use your mobile app to make transfer and send them screenshot of your payment slip. They will process and activate your order immediately once they confirm your payment.

I was so much attracted to this option because my atm cards back then were not enabled for online transactions, it wasn’t an easy thing to enable your card for online transactions then… Series of forms to fill, etc. I am glad things are made easier these days.

Guess what? After making my first payment in the bank, I logged into my Domainking dashboard, created a support ticket and sent them my payment details through the support ticket  and my order was processed immediately. I was like, wow! What a nice service.

On the process of hosting the website then, I encountered some issues, remember I said it was my very first time, I was still new you know…. Winks! This was actually several years ago. So, when I encountered the issue, I contacted the customer support and wow… I was so amazed to see them reply me in just few minutes, not even up to five ( 5 ) minutes. I had to start blushing immediately, I said to myself that these people are really good, and I was so happy I hosted with them.

So, in their reply, they directed me on steps to rectify the issue, which I followed accordingly and rectified it. I was so happy. After I had used them for sometime, I decided I would also refer people to them to enjoy these awesome services… I then started their affiliate program through which I earn some commission when clients buy host plan through my affiliate link.

More About Domainking

Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria: Domainking Review 2020

What services does Domainking offer?

Their services ranges from cheap website hosting of different categories and domain registration to affiliate marketing.

Domainking is registrar for top-level domains including .com, .net, .net and others. They also offer other domain extensions such as .ng,,,,, etc.

Their web hosting plans are very cheap as compared to others.

Domainking Customer Support

Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria: Domainking Review 2020

Domainking as a cheap web hosting in Nigeria has a very good customer support that are always available to reply to your queries within few minutes of creating a support ticket. This is one thing I love so much about them.

The customer support in question would even go to the extent of helping you fix issues with your website at no cost once you request them to, wow! it is really great. This is one thing other host companies don’t do, they will rather tell you it has gone beyond their services unless you will pay for it.

Domainking Affiliate Program

Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria: Domainking Review 2020

Domainking has an affiliate program which gives good percentage on web hosting plans bought through your affiliate link. This is another thing I like, their affiliate program is reliable.

Note that they don’t give any commission on domains registered through your affiliate link, their commission is only based on host plan. So, you only earn a commission when someone buys a host plan from them through your affiliate link.

Having read the above review, If you are ready to start hosting with domainking now and start enjoying their sweet services, kindly follow this link to buy a host plan or domain from domainking.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I only wrote this review based on my experience with Domainking.

I have inserted my affiliate link to the link above so that I will earn a commission when you follow my link to buy host plan from Domainking. Please, it is very important to understand that following my link to buy host plan from Domainking does not affect or change the prices of their services in anyway.

Following my affiliate link will not cause an increase in the prices, everything remains the same as when you visit them directly without my affiliate link. So, I will encourage you to kindly follow my affiliate link to enable me earn some commission since it will not affect you in any way.

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Having made the above review, I believe you now know a lot of things about cheap web hosting in Nigeria, and that you now have good knowledge on Domainking that will help you decide if you want to buy their services or not. I’m glad you have learnt these things.

Now, if you have any questions or opinion, kindly use the comment box below to let us know.

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