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I have been writing a lot of different articles that covers these topics I mentioned above and general ICT information, this is to help people that seek solutions to challenges they face in their daily use of information communication technolgy. In this article, I am going guide you through the correct DStv Customer Care number in Nigeria.


In every business, business owners in their quest to maintain a stable and position relationship between them and their customers try as much as they could to create mediums through which their customers could reach them and interact with them, whether to make new orders for their products, to lay complaints, to make reviews on their products, or just to make general enquiry.

This is the essence of DStv customer care number in Nigeria, it is vital in the success of any business to have a customer care number for your customers to reach out to you at anytime. A good customer relationship is one great way to succeed in business.

The idea behind having a DStv customer care number in Nigeria is to enable Nigerian residents who are subscribers of the multichoice DStv company to easily contact the company in case there is need to make any inquiry or complaints. Having a DStv customer care number in Nigeria is also a great way to make the DStv company attain a rapid increase in the growth of their business because people would trust them more since there is a way to easily contact them to order for new products.

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Before I proceed, let me quickly review the DStv company and what they do, I will also lay emphasis on the reason people look for DStv customer care number in Nigeria. Kindly read on below, you will arrive at a section where I have listed DStv customer care number in Nigeria, including there email address and other contact details.

What is DStv? What services do DStv offer?

DStv Customer Care Number In Nigeria

DStv simply means digital satellite television. It is a satellite service that is owned by multichoice company. This company has been in existence for several years now and their services are mainly focused on Africa. A lot alot of African countries are currently subscribers of this service, including the west African country, Nigeria.

Over the years, this company has gained a lot of trust from their subscribers through the degree of quality services they render. This has made it the number one choice in Africa, they provide a lot of different channels including sports channels, which is the main center of attraction especially in countries like Nigeria.

In Nigeria, a lot of people are subscribers of this service since they have quality tv channels that are wanted by all entertainment lovers in Nigeria, especially the football lovers and supporters of different football clubs including Manchester United FC, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Tottenham FC, Barcelona FC, Real Madrid and all the rest of them. This has increased the quest for DStv customer care number in Nigeria by several subscribers of the DStv service.

Now, I have to tell you a truth, I am also a subscriber of the DStv service because I am a sports lover. I remember the first time I came across the DStv system when I was much younger, I was so attracted by different programs which are carried out by different channels in the DStv satellite network. This is one of the things that inspired me to go on satellite TV installation, maintenance and upgrade training. Yes, I learnt how to install and maintain satellite TV systems including DStv and others.

Also in Nigeria, a lot of people use the DStv system for different businesses. This ranges from hotel owners who chose DStv to entertain their customers, salon owners, who also use this service as entertainment for their customers, restaurant owners, bar owners, etc. Some churches also use the system to connect their members in remote areas to their live services through their channel on the DStv network. All these DStv patronizers sometimes, have need to seek for DStv customer care number in Nigeria. This is to help them relate any message they have for the company.

Among the subscribers of DStv in Nigeria also are individual families who enjoy the TV shows offered by various Dstv channels, Business men who own viewing centers where supporters of different clubs come to view live matches played by their clubs and other clubs. In a situation like this, these club supporters pay a certain amount of money to the person running the viewing center to enable them view any football match. Yes match has to be paid for.

DStv Customer Care Number In Nigeria

So, in a case like the above, the person running the viewing center will always have to renew his DStv subscription to enable his customers have access to the live matches, if not, DStv will cut him off once his current subscription expires. This is what he had to do always because he is into business and earning money after all. So, sometimes, these viewing centers have reasons to seek for DStv customer care number in Nigeria.

With the above explanation I have given, I believe you now have a clear understanding of what DStv is all about and the services they offer. Now, we have to quickly review some reasons why people look for DStv customer care number in Nigeria, and then, I will state the contact details also.

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Why do people look for DStv customer care number in Nigeria?

Now, every individual looking for the DStv customer care number has his or her own reasons, every individual must not have the same reason. It depends on the solution the particular individual is seeking. But not withstanding, I will try to list some possible reasons that make people to go in search for DStv contact details.

  Below are possible reasons people look for DStv customer care number in Nigeria.

1. To make inquiry on how to renew their DStv subscription.

2. To complain about a challenge they are having using the DStv network.

3. To complain about a fault with their DStv decoder.

4. To know why their subscription is not yet active after they have made payment for some hours or days as the case may be.

5. To know where to renew DStv subscription.

6. To inquire about a certain channel on the DStv network.

7. To order for new DStv products.

8. To seek for guidance on installing DStv.

9. To know how to activate DStv decoder for the first time.

10. To complain about an unexpected interruption in their service.

There might be other reasons too, but I have listed the ones I could. The most important thing is that is that it is important to make the DStv customer care number in Nigeria available for anybody looking for it irrespective of what his reasons could be.

Now, I will go on below to state the DStv customer care number in Nigeria alongside other DStv contact details to help people that are searching for it have instant access to them. Just follow the details below.

DStv Customer Care Number In Nigeria

If you have been looking for DStv customer care number in Nigeria, below is the number and other contact details.

Note that these contact details were gotten directly from the official DStv website, so you can feel free to contact them for your inquires.

The official DStv customer care number in Nigeria is: +2348039003788

You can also chat their customer care on WhatsApp.

According to the instructions on the official contact page on their website, their official WhatsApp contact is : +2349082368533

To chat them on WhatsApp, just save their above official WhatsApp number in your phone, then make sure you have your smartcard number and surname ready. Then, simply say hi and follow the prompts.

An alternative way to carry out your regular DStv activities such as clearing error code, checking your subscription, reconnecting your device, etc on your phone is to dial *228# and follow the prompts.

DStv Customer Care Number In Nigeria

You may go to DStv official contact page on their website through this link to view other contact information and instructions. https://www.dstvafrica.com/en-ng/help-contact-us

At the time of publishing this article, we tried to verify that the DStv customer care number contained in this article is the correct one, we later confirmed this by checking on their official website contact page https://www.dstvafrica.com/en-ng/help-contact-us


We ( calnetguide.com ) are not in any way affiliated with DStv, the information contained in this article is simply for the purpose of helping people who are searching for DStv contact details to easily have them through our blog. Hence, we shall not be held responsible for whatsoever transactions you do with DStv or any information you share or pass to DStv customer care through the DStv customer care number in Nigeria gotten from our website.


I believe you have been able to learn about Multichoice DStv company, the services they offer and the DStv customer care number in Nigeria.

Hence, you may go ahead and use the comment box to let us know if this article was helpful. You may also ask any further questions through the comment box.

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