How To Start Successful Blog 1 [Truth About Blogging]

Hello friends, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to today’s topic, how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]. Here at, this is a course that will guide you through everything you need to know about Blogging, the whole truth about starting a successful blog and how to become a successful blogger.

How To Start Successful Blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]

It is me again, your friend, Callistus Onyewuchi writing with smiles on my face. I have divided the course into different series, each serie would cover different topics and sub topics that will guide you through your journey in the blogosphere. This guide at is both for beginners, people that have no knowledge of blogging but are passionate about it, people that have heard about it but do not have any clue what it is all about, and even people that have been blogging for some time but do not have core experience on how to do better. This apparently means that the guide is for everyone because I am starting from the scratch.

This very article is the first series of the guide, this is why it has the caption, how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]. The number 1 implies series 1, subsequent series will have their series number attached to them for better data or file organization… I’m a Computer Scientist after all. Winks!


how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]

I strongly believe you must have in one way or the other, heard about blogging, and possibly already very familiar with it. No doubts, you are passionate about becoming a blogger, you have quest for blogging, you want to own a blog, these are the possible reasons you are reading this article. I will tell you one thing, you did the right thing opening this article, this is the perfect solution you seek.

Definitely, you have also heard a lot of tales about blogging, I believe. It doesn’t matter how much you know about it already, what you may have heard or what you believe about it; here at, I am going to reveal the whole truth about the art of blogging in this article, how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]. Note that this is the series 1 of this guide, so I will try to cover as much topics as I can and then continue in the next series.

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Definition of terms:

how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]

Below, I will try to define some terms associated with blogging in the simple forms that anyone could easily understand. I will start with the definition of a blog.

What is a blog?

How To Start A Successful Blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]
how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]

I would say a blog is actually a website where people share information of different kinds and allow visitors to interact through comments, forums and other mediums. I believe you understand this definition, you already know what a website is, don’t you? I trust you do…. Smiles.

Let’s continue with other terms below, the next term will be blogging.

What is blogging?

Blogging from the word, “blog” is the act of publishing or sharing information on a blog and interesting with the visitors of your blog by answering their questions and reacting to other comments and messages to clarify them on topics you have shared on your blog. It might also involve design and creation of blogs. But trust me, blogging is best defined as the act of sharing information and interacting with visitors on your blog.

Wait, didn’t I mention that blogging is a profitable business too? Oh! I can’t skip the fact that blogging is also a kind of profitable business, yes, online business. I guess you now have smiles on your face as you heard this aspect? Yes, you should smile, you did the right thing after all; who doesn’t like venturing into a business? Doing some profitable business gives great joy, this is a great reason you should smile more.

Now, the next question to answer is who a blogger is.

Who is a blogger?

How To Start A Successful Blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]
how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]

A blogger is someone who does blogging. Yes, it is very simple to understand this one because I have already explained what blogging is all about above, you should read it one more time if you have not clearly understood the concept. Have you read it again? Okay, yes… I believe you understand it better now, bravo!

For one to be a blogger, you do not need to be a programmer, developer or an IT professional. This is because you can easily hire a developer or an IT professional to handle all technical aspects of your blog including domain registration, hosting, setup, design and search engine optimization. You only need writing, proofreading and text editing skills, being a tech expert is an added advantage though.

The professional you hire will guide you through the process of creating contents on your blog, optimizing your content for search engine discovery, etc. after he has done the creation, design and SEO aspects.

Also, to become a blogger, It  does not matter your field or qualifications, you can be a blogger no matter who you are, or how old you are. Whether you are 15years old or 100years old, you can start blogging at anytime provided you can use a computer and a smartphone.

Now, one very important thing in blogging is to start right with the right information, that is the essence of this guide, how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]. To guide you through the right and relevant information you need to succeed in blogging.

You have heard that blogging has made a lot of people billionaires and millionaires, this is absolutely correct, this is true, but it happens this way if you start right with the right information.

Some other people have also tried blogging, and they had to quit along the line due to one reason or the other. The art of blogging is not just owning an unplanned and aimless blog, and posting anything you see on it without aim…. You might give up because you do not have proper guidance, you just started on your own without knowing how it works. Hence, you should count yourself so lucky to have come across this article.

Remember we have been on definition of terms, there are lots of other terms to be defined, but don’t worry, we shall continue with the definition of terms in the next series of this guide. I shall define terms that relate to any topic I’m writing on.

how to start successful blog 1 [The Truth About Blogging]

At this juncture, I will dive to the benefits or advantages of blogging and becoming a blogger. If there are disadvantages, I will state them too. – –

Now, first things first… Let’s talk about the advantages of blogging and becoming a blogger.

Advantages of blogging:

There are lots of advantages in being a blogger, let me mention some of them below.

1. Social recognition – yes you will be socially recognized in the society, you will be respected by a lot of people, including people you don’t even know, you are just like a celebrity, provided you share relevant and useful information.

2. Income – Yes. Blogging is a source of income, remember I had said it’s a business earlier.

3. Fame – You will certainly become famous once your blog is popular.

4. Respect – Yes! As a blogger, you are just like a mentor and a teacher, you will be certainly respected.

5. Recognition by high class personnel – You could dine with Kings just because you are a blogger. You could meet with different kinds of people, you could enter different places, summits, etc. You are a celebrity after all.

6. Job opportunity -Blogging provides job opportunities for you and other people too. This is because there will come a time you will employ people to write and publish articles on your blog, you are a boss after all.

7. Experience – Blogging gives you a lot of experience on article writing and information. This will help you build your vocabularies, spellings and sentence construction, making you a better writer. It could also be added to your Resume (CV) as a job experience.

There are other benefits or advantages too, but let me hold it here for now, you could think out others and add them to the list. – –

Now, let us look at the possible disadvantages of blogging.

Disadvantages of blogging:

1. Eye Strain or Eye stress – that’s right, you heard me right. Your eyes will be stressed because you are always looking at the computer screen or your smartphones’ screen. This is more dangerous especially to those with eye defects… But trust me, there is a solution, you could use lenses (eye glasses) to protect your eyes each time you are working with your computer or smartphone.

2. Now, the next disadvantage of blogging I can think of is that it will keep you somehow glued to your computer and smartphones, you have to attend to your visitors each time they need you, you have to always stay on your PC or smartphones to create and publish articles, and this will steal a lot of your time. But it is a business you are doing anyways, this should not be a problem, besides, it is to your own advantage. Hence, I don’t see this one as a disadvantage, I am a positive minded person after all, so I will leave you to decide what to call it…. Winks.


At this point, i believe you now have a clearer understanding of what blogging entails… congratulations and expect the next series of this guide.

Are there other advantages and disadvantages you could think of? You can use the comment box below to let us know, do not forget to use the share buttons below to let others know about this useful article.

I remain your best friend, Callistus Onyewuchi, and I will drop my pen here. See you in the series 2 of this guide, how to start successful blog [the truth about blogging].

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