Why SEO Is Important : See 10 Reasons You Must Work On Your SEO

You may have been wondering why everyone has kept clamoring on SEO, you hear web developers, bloggers, website owners, search engine owners, internet marketers and every other persons laying a lot of emphasis on SEO, and it has kept you wondering why SEO is important. Maybe you don’t even have knowledge what SEO is all about, but the fact that everyone is talking about it has deeply caught your attention and you really want to know more of SEO, what it is about and why SEO is important.

You could be a web developer, a new or old Blogger, an internet marketer, a website owner, a content creator, a social media marketer, a journalist or just a website visitor. You do not have to worry anymore, I will explain in this article, everything you need to know about SEO and why SEO is important, including how to carry out SEO and the tools you need to properly actualize SEO.

Why SEO Is Important

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As technology advances, so should our knowledge of technology too. Advertisement and marketing through the internet has indeed taken over every other means of marketing, justifying the need for everyone to be acquainted with the internet technology since it is the current and ever growing trend. This includes SEO, because it is a great marketing tool… So your question on why SEO is important will be analyzed here, giving you a broad comprehension of SEO as a marketing technique.

Now, as an internet marketer, a blogger, a social media marketer, a web developer, or a website owner, one thing is to have a content or a product to market, and another thing is how to successfully market it. The product you wish to market could be an app, a blog post, a website, an e-store, or any physical item. Using the right marketing strategy is your only key to success!

Let us take for instance, you created a very unique and wonderful blog post, the essence of creating this post is for people to read it, isn’t it? I suppose it is. You want people to keep reading it even while you’re asleep, you want your article to keep attracting visitors even after several years of publishing it…

The only way to achieve this is to create a medium through which people can easily land on that article by themselves even when you don’t tell them about it directly, this is the power of search engines, but for you to have access to this power of search engines, you need to create a pathway for the search engines to locate your blog post.

You then go ahead to regulate the blog post in such a way that these search engines will prioritize your own blog post after considering it very relevant. Remember there are others that have written similar articles to yours, but you want yours to be noticed more, this is a great clue to why SEO is important.

Having a good SEO on your website, blog or blog posts gives you an edge over others since search engines will see yours to be of greater quality, high quality contents are rated higher than others and they are the ones that are easily prioritized by search engines when people search for related contents.

Having said all the above, I will now go ahead to lay some emphasis on What SEO means, what search engines are, examples of search engines, and why SEO is important.

Firstly, I will explain what SEO is all about?

Why SEO Is Important

Well, if you have been pondering on what SEO is all about, SEO is a short form of search engine optimization. I had already talked about this in my previous articles, but there is nothing wrong with laying some more emphasis on it here.

So, search engine optimization or SEO simply deals with measures you take to make your contents to be easily prioritized by search engines, making it very easy for people to locate your contents when ever they search for keywords that are related to your article or products.

What are search engines?

Why SEO Is Important

Search engines are advanced systems that store all web contents on the internet for reference purposes. Yes, every content on the internet, whether web pages or media files are stored in a system such that when people search for keywords that are related to each unique content, they will be shown results according to the information stored in search engines.

What are examples of search engines?

Examples of search engines include the popular Google, Bing, Yandex, search encrypt, duckduckgo, swisscows, etc.

What do these search engines do as regards to why seo is important?

Just like Google and others, search engines automatically crawl all web pages on the internet and fetch all their contents for indexing. They then create an order of priority for similar contents and index them according to the order of priorities.

These order of priorities is determined by the quality of the websites where those contents are located, the quality of SEO and the quality of the contents. This criteria show certainly draw your attention to why seo is important.

Now I believe I have said enough already, let me save my grammar and go straight to itemize why SEO is important, read on below to learn all the reasons.

Reasons why SEO is important:

why SEO is important

Below are the reasons you should really strive work on your SEO, I am talking about search engine optimization.

1. Good SEO will make your website or blog easily discoverable in search engine result pages, thereby increasing the number of visitors coming to your website.

2. Good SEO will increase the authority of your website or blog since people will easily discover your contents and link to them.

3. Good SEO will drive a lot of traffic to your blog posts even while you are asleep and even while you do not share your posts on social media.

4. With just few contents, you will have a lot of constant visitors to your blog if your SEO is good.

5. Good SEO will help your to blog to be easily approved to run Google AdSense if you want to run the Google AdSense Program.

6. Good SEO will certainly increase your Google AdSense earnings since you will be having numerous visitors from different countries, this means more clicks and more earnings.

7. Good SEO will certainly increase the sales of your products since people can easily discover them through search results.

8. Good SEO will increase your affiliate commissions because if you have a lot of visitors coming from search engines, there will be highly possibility that a greater number of people will buy products through your affiliate links.

9. Good SEO will attract a lot of advertisers to your blog, this means more earnings for you.

10. Since SEO is a great marketing tool, a lot of people will consult you for SEO services once they notice you’re good at it. This is proven by the discoverability of your blog or website in search results.

At this point, I believe I have said enough already…. Smiles!

Now, one question you should ask,

What if your SEO is bad?

why SEO is important

Oh no! It is really wrong for you to have a bad SEO, this is because you will enjoy little or none of the benefits I have listed above as why SEO is important. This also means that your visitors will only come from social media or direct promotion.

Hence, if you don’t promote your contents yourself, no one will know about them…. It doesn’t even matter how wonderful the contents are. So friend, you really need to work on your SEO.


With the quality information I have given above, I strongly believe I have vividly drawn your attention to why SEO is important, go on and enhance the SEO of your website or blog and you will really enjoy online presence.

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See you in my next article, cheers!

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