Why Windows 10 Is Slow [ See Best Solution To Resolve This ]

This is an article to explain why Windows 10 is slow and the very best technique to troubleshoot and fix this problem. This is in our quest to make you have the best experience while using Windows 10 operating system. You are hence, welcome to calnetguide.com, we are so happy you came here.

In my previous articles, I had written pretty much reviews and tutorials on Windows 10 which includes how to hide taskbar in Windows 10, how to show hidden files in Windows 10, Windows 10 release date, and others.

I had also written on Windows 10 minimum requirements, which is a guide to tell you the perfect description of the configuration your computer must have before you start thinking of using Windows 10 on your computer. So this time, I am going to vividly explain why Windows 10 is slow on your computer and give you tips to fix it, this is exactly why I am here.

Why Windows 10 Is Slow

Why Windows 10 Is Slow

If you have been searching for the best guide to explain why Windows 10 is slow on your computer, I mean why your computer keeps running slow like a snail as you are using Windows 10, hahaha! It is such a frustrating experience, but do not worry. I have the best guide here on why Windows 10 is slow, this includes best ways to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Now, I will proceed with overview of this topic, this is my way… Winks!


It happens in several occasions, you are working with your computer and unexpectedly, everything becomes slow, as you try harder, the slower it becomes. Oh! This could make you want to smash your computer on the ground, no one enjoys working with a slow computer, especially when you are already used to faster systems.

This happens in Windows 10 sometimes, and you then start wondering why Windows 10 is slow, you are so worried what the cause could be. This alone could make you pause your work since you are just filled with anger at that moment, you could even transfer aggression to anyone that tries talking to you at that time, but no one would understand what you are going through. They could end up saying you have become crazy, hahahahaha! It is indeed funny to say.

Now, almost every computer user at some point have gone through such situations that kept them asking why Windows 10 is slow, this includes myself, yes… My computer runs slow sometimes when I do not even expect it. It happens to me too, it is just inevitable, but as a technician and tech expert that I am, I troubleshoot immediately to figure out the cause and then continue my work. – calnetguide.com

What inspired me to write this article on why Windows 10 is slow?

Having been a victim of this kind of circumstance, I deemed it fit to share the possible reasons why Windows 10 is slow with others so as to tell them a way out of the situation. This guide on why Windows 10 is slow is practically based on my several years of experience in using computers and fixing other people’s computers. Yes, computer maintenance and repair is one of the things I do, it really pays me too, this is indeed a great skill anyone could have.

At the face of situations where Windows 10 is running slow, the solution is not just to keep wondering why Windows 10 is slow, but rather, to find the actual cause and fix it without further hesitation. – calnetguide.com

Is it only Windows 10 that is slow Sometimes?

No, not at all. At this juncture, it is important to call your attention to the fact that it is not only on Windows 10 that computers run slow, it happens in other operating systems too, windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and even operating systems like Linux, Unix, iOS, Android and others. It is a menace that is faced sometimes by almost every system.

The fact I am trying to make clear here at calnetguide.com is that despite how slow your Computer is running or how Windows 10 is running slow in your computer, it can easily be fixed once you find out the actual cause.

Where does Windows 10 normally run slow? Desktop or Laptops?

To answer this question, I will have to call your attention to something. Whether you are using desktop computer or laptop computer, Windows 10 could runs slow anywhere once it finds a reason to run slow.

So, the answer is that Windows 10 could run slow both on desktop and laptop computers!

What happens when Windows 10 is slow?

This is a very important question to answer. Aside knowing why Windows 10 is slow, it is also very important to know what happens when Windows 10 is slow. So, I will highlight some of them below.

1. Your computer will stop responding

2. When you click on a program, folder or file, it will keep looking at you as if you did not do anything.

3. You can not even save your work because the save button might not be clickable anymore.

4. You will become so worried and unhappy.

5. You might want to smash your computer. Hahahaha! Funny right? Yes, this is really true.

There are many other things too, but let us proceed with other explanations below, just continue reading.

Why Windows 10 is Slow, Hardware or Software issues?

Well, the answer is that both hardware and software could cause Windows 10 to run slow. Remember I had talked about Windows 10 minimum requirements in my previous article? This is where the hardware causes play a role. So, it is a very important thing to consider before using Windows 10.

Why Windows 10 is slow, Here are the actual causes.

Why Windows 10 Is Slow

Now, we have arrived at the main heart of this article, the main topic of discussion, the actual reasons why Windows 10 is slow.

Below are the possible causes of this.

1. Your computer does not meet Windows 10 minimum requirements :

Why Windows 10 Is Slow

If your computer has been running slow since you started using Windows 10, it apparently means that your computer does not meet Windows 10 minimum requirements, maybe you should consider upgrading your computer components, I am talking about the components like Ram and any other components that are up-gradable. Else, you may consider downgrading to other versions of Windows, that is Windows 8.1, 8, 7 , Vista or even XP depending on the version your system could carry.

2. Your CPU fan is not working : Yes! The cooling system plays a very vital role in computers, they are there to regulate the heat generated by the processor as it keeps working. So, when the cooling fan is not working, your system will generate a lot of heat, your computer will be so hot, and this will make your computer run slow or even stop working entirely. This is one of the major reasons why Windows 10 is slow.

3. The CPU fan is covered  or you placed you computer on a surface that easily absorbs, retains and transfers heat : This happens especially when you keep your computer, mostly laptops on top of soft surfaces like foam, rug and other materials that might cover the CPU fan. Also, when you keep your laptop on top of rubber, plastic, nylon or metal surfaces that could easily absorb, retain and transfer heat back to the computer.

4. Heavy Files and Applications : This is another thing that causes Windows 10 to run slow. When you have heavy files in a computer that is not too fit to accommodate such files, this could cause Windows 10 to run slow.

5. Several programs are running at the background, slowing down the functions of the processor : when you have a lot of background programs running whenever you boot your computer, this is another reason why Windows 10 is slow.

6. There are too many programs running simultaneously : When there are too many open files or programs at the same time, they all try to share the system resources at the same time, this is another reason why Windows 10 is slow.

7. Virus attack : Yes, this is another major reason Windows 10 is running slow. Having a virus attack on your system could cause your system files to start misbehaving, thereby causing windows 10 to be slow.

8. Corrupt Windows 10 Files : Another reason why Windows 10 is slow is corrupt files. When some of your Windows 10 files are corrupt, it could make Windows 10 run slow.

9. Limited Storage Space on your Hard disk : having low storage space is another possible reason why Windows 10 is slow.

10. Too many Startup programs : There are programs that launch themselves automatically during Windows 10 startup, this could cause Windows 10 run slow.

11. Failed Windows 10 Updates and old drivers : This is another suspect why Windows 10 is slow. When you fail to apply the updates released for Windows 10, it could cause Windows 10 to run slow. When you have system drivers that are old or not updated, it could cause your system run slow.

12. You unplugged Your Laptop Charger From Power : Yes, some laptop computers perform better when they are plugged to power supply, They tend to run slow when you use them with their battery. Yes, this is true

There are possibly other reasons too, but I believe I have at least said enough here. Now that I have outlined the possible causes Why Windows 10 is slow, let us now proceed to solutions to this problem.

How to fix Windows 10 running slow issues ( Solutions )

Below are ways to fix Windows 10 from running slow.

1. Ensure your computer meets Windows 10 minimum requirements before you start using Windows 10 on your computer.

2. Check if your CPU fan is working or not. If it is not working, you should disassemble your computer to removed clogged materials that are stopping your fan from working or just replace the fan of it has damaged. You should also apply thermal compound on top of your CPU for proper absorption of heat by the heat sink.

Note that if you can not do the number 2 above, you should take your computer to a technician to assist you.

3. Avoid keeping your laptop on soft surfaces, plastic, rubber, nylon or metallic surfaces. Your laptop is better kept on wooden surfaces.

4. Avoid putting heavy files in computers with low capacity.

5. Get rid of background programs in your computer.

6. You should only open programs and files when you need to use them, then close them all after use.

7. You should always use good antivirus on your computer to avoid virus attack.

8. If your Windows 10 Files are corrupt, you should reinstall Windows 10 completely or use the repair option to fix it.

9. You should delete unnecessary files from your computer to free some space.

10. You should deactivate the startup programs. You can type in the keyword “config” in the search box to bring out system configuration, click on the startup tab and uncheck the unnecessary programs that are already ticked.

Why Windows 10 Is Slow

11. You should always update your Windows 10 and system drivers from time to time.

12. Plug your laptop computer to power supply while using it to see if this will fix the issue.


With the explanations and processes I have outlined above, I trust you have now learnt the reasons why Windows 10 is slow and how to fix it, bravo!

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