Windows 10 Minimum Requirements [ See Accurate Details ]

It pleases me to let you know that I will be talking about Windows 10 minimum requirements in my article today. This is to help those that are planning to switch to Windows 10 from any version of Windows they may have been using in times past to know the actual Windows 10 minimum requirements, so as to help them understand if Windows 10 will run smoothly on their old computer or if they will need to buy a new computer that can meet the Windows 10 minimum requirements for better experience while using Windows 10.

This guide will also help those that may have not owned any computer before, but intend to buy a new computer which they plan to have Windows 10 installed in it, to decide on the perfect system configuration they should look at while ordering for a computer so that the computer that will be delivered to them will be one that meets the Windows 10 minimum requirements.


In every new system, there are always specifications of requirements stipulated for the new system that will enable older systems to function effectively while using the new system on them. This is why we are discussing about Windows 10 minimum requirements, to know the exact requirements or system configuration that will help older computers run Windows 10 effectively since it is a new system. This situation is not limited to computers alone, it happens in almost every sector of life.

Let us take for instance, a teacher gets employed into a new school, there, he meets a new environment, and new students too. In this case, the school is not new to itself, the students are not new to themselves too because they have been in that school even before the new teacher was employed…. Rather, the teacher is new to them. So, here, let us take the new teacher to be a new system, then, the students are the old system.

In a situation like this, the teacher would introduce himself to the students and then give them rules they must follow in his class, so as to enable them work together and peacefully too. The students may not adhere to all the rules, but there are at least some basic ones they must obey, this is a similar situation with Windows 10 minimum requirements.

There are a lot of things required by Windows 10 to run effectively in a computer, but there are at least some basic ones your computer must meet to make Windows 10 run in it, regardless of the other requirements. These basic requirements are referred to as Windows 10 minimum requirements, or in some cases, Windows 10 system requirements.

Now, I will go ahead to lay some emphasis and explanation particularly on the term, Windows 10 minimum requirements.

What does Windows 10 minimum requirements mean?

I will give a comprehensive answer to this question below. So, just go ahead and read on till the end of this article so that you will learn everything you need to know about Windows 10 minimum requirements.

Windows 10 minimum requirements is a list of some basic configurations your system must have to be able to run Windows 10 effectively without any errors. Having these minimum requirements will help your systems hardwares to synchronize and communicate with Windows 10 operating system effectively without any kind of conflict, downtime or deadlock.

These configurations or Windows 10 minimum requirements in question ranges from your RAM size, processor speed, harddisk space, your video graphics adapter ( video card ), and other things. The optical drive ( DVD/CD ROM ) should also be put into consideration, in case you plan on installing Windows 10 through the optical drive.

Windows 10 Minimum Requirements

This is because the Windows 10 service pack comes as a large file and is majorly contained in a DVD disc. Hence, if your optical drive cannot read a DVD plate, there is no way you can install Windows 10 through your optical drive since the format does not match a DVD.

The next thing I will talk about is why you must know Windows 10 minimum requirements before you start thinking of installing it in your computer.

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Why should I know Windows 10 minimum requirements?

Here is the answer. Having knowledge of Windows 10 minimum requirements will help you know if your old system will be able to run Windows 10 effectively without having downtime or even breaking down completely.

Now, let us put this into consideration. Imagine keeping a full bag of cement on the head of a 9 year old boy, asking him to carry it without complaining or falling down. What do you think would happen to this boy? He will definitely fall down, have his neck broken, suffocate or even die. Hahaha! Funny right? Yes it should be.

So, the essence of knowing Windows 10 minimum requirements is to help your system by not giving it a load that is heavier than it can carry. Yes, Windows 10 came with new features build into it, it is definitely an upgrade, meaning that there are many more files embedded into it, there is an increase in codes too, Media, libraries and other things. These new files will certainly cause some new behavior in your computer. –

Hence, it is very important to know the minimum amount of Ram, processing power, harddisk space and video memory that is required to adapt to this new behavior brought about by Windows 10. This will help your system not to be weighed down by this new behavior since it will be a burden to your computer if it does not meet these Windows 10 minimum requirements.

Another reason you must know the minimum requirements is to avoid trial and errors. It will really be a bad practice to start installing Windows 10 on your computer when you do not even know if it will work or not after the installation. If you finish the installation and it doesn’t work, this means you have really wasted your time and even money, including your old files doing something you are not sure of. No no no, this is really not a good thing to do at this computer age. It is very important to learn about new systems before you start thinking of using them.

Now, what if you tried installing Windows 10 and your system crashes in the process due to heavy Windows 10 files being copied to your system during installation? This is certainly at your own detriment. Your harddisk will be damaged, your processor broken down and ( or ) your system may  not respond anymore. So, having good knowledge of Windows 10 minimum requirements will prepare you ahead for the future while you are making plans to switch to Windows 10.

There is another point I want to make here. What if you succeed in installing Windows 10 in your system, but your computer runs slowly due to the fact that it did not meet the Windows 10 minimum requirements? This will be indeed so frustrating. You will have no other option than to roll back to the previous versions of Windows, and this will certainly cost you another money.

Having said all these, it is very important and advisable to always know Windows 10 minimum requirements or the requirements for any operating system or whatsoever system before you go ahead to start the installation process. This will save you a lot of money, time, energy and also save you from regrets. Not only system requirements, you should always learn about new systems entirely before you start to use them. This could be achieved through a simple research. –

Now, I will go on start the benefits in knowing Windows 10 minimum requirements on time.

How will knowing Windows 10 minimum requirements help me?

Below are the answers.

1. It will help you know if your old computer can run on Windows 10 or not.

2. It will help you know the kind of computer you should buy in future.

3. It will help you to know if your computer will run faster or slower while using Windows 10.

4. It will help you know if your harddisk space can contain Windows 10 files.

5. It will help you know the system drivers that will make other hardwares work on Windows 10.

6. It will help you know if your optical drive can read Windows 10 service pack, especially if you intend installing Windows 10 through a DVD or CD ROM. There are other mediums to install Windows 10 though.

7. It will help you know if your video card will work fine on Windows 10, giving you a better graphic experience or not.

There are certainly other reasons, but I will stop here while I go to the next details.

Now, the next question is this,

Is Windows 10 minimum requirements the same for both 64 bit and 32 bit Versions ( System types ) of Windows 10?

Windows 10 Minimum Requirements

I will answer the question below.

I would say yes to an extent, but not yes entirely, I will tell you the reason below.

The reason is that there is a slight difference in the Windows 10 system requirements for the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the Windows 10 operating system.

The Windows 10 minimum requirements for 64 bit version may be a bit higher than that of 32-bit version, but the difference is not very much.

Note that if your computer comes with 64-bit processor, then you can run either 64-bit version  or 32-bit version of Windows 10 on your computer, either of them will work fine. But tell me, why would you prefer to run 32-bit version of Windows 10 on a 64-bit enabled processor? That really sounds funny to me… hahaha. In other words, if your computer comes with a 32-bit processor, then you can not run 64-bit version of Windows 10 on your computer, you can only run the 32-bit version.

I know you are already wondering the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit processor?

Well it is just about WORD size. Those in Computer Science discipline will understand this better, although it is not a big deal to you as a computer user, so, relax and use your computer.

The difference is that older computers were built on 32-bit processors, while recent computers are built on 64-bit processors.

Now, I will go ahead and answer the main question, which is our original topic of discussion.


I will answer the question below.

Windows 10 minimum requirements or Windows 10 System requirements are thus:

RAM SIZE : A minimum of 2gb RAM for 64-bit version and a minimum of 1gb Ram for 32-bit version

HARDDISK SPACE : A minimum of 20gb for 64-bit version and a minimum of 16gb for 32-bit version.

PROCESSOR : 1ghz ( 1 gigahertz )

GRAPHICS CARD: DirectX 9 or later.

Display resolution: 800 x 600

Windows 10 Minimum Requirements


At this point, I strongly believe that you have learnt everything you need to know about Windows 10 minimum requirements and that you are pleased to have learnt them from

Hence, if your computer meets the above requirements, that means your computer will run smoothly on Windows 10 without any problems. So, go ahead and have a new experience while using Windows 10.

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