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Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

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It is customary to every website owner, especially bloggers to find a way to collect accurate data on his blog, these data ranges from number of daily visitors to his blog, number of post views, number of clicks, number of searches on search engines, number of monthly visitors and visits, the kind of devices through which these visitors came from, the actual web browsers used to access the blog, the countries that the visitors came from, the active visitors online, and other kinds of data. All these draws people’s attention to Google analytics and WordPress Google Analytics Plugin.

It is very important to note that the WordPress Google Analytics Plugin is used by those whose websites and blogs are running on WordPress platform, this is a way to make it easy for them to see their Google Analytics data on their WordPress dashboard without having to login to their Google Analytics account. We all want easy life, this is exactly the purpose of technology… Smiles.

WordPress Google Analytics

Now, considering the fact that a lot of people are in need of this WordPress Google Analytics Plugin, a lot of developers have gone ahead to create different plugins to serve this purpose, this is really a good thing they did!

Some of these WordPress Google Analytics plugins are paid, some are absolutely free, while some limit you on the features you can access for free until you have bought a renewable subscription plan to activate other features. These plugins also have some features that differentiate them from others.

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I will not forget to state that some of the WordPress Google Analytics plugins are very effective, while some are averagely effective, okay… I would say some others are fairly effective. Kudos to all these developers that work so hard to bring different solutions to the world, yes, kudos to me too because I am also a developer, I am a problem solver and a solution provider. I’m just smiling now, I surely have to blush, it is good for the soul.

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Now, in our daily lives, we always want the best things right? Yes, it is right to want the best things, this is very important for the best life. As a matter of fact, this article is focused on the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin since there are lots of them in existence. Our interest is to make use of the one that is more effective than others, so as to have the best experience and data analysis. Yes, this is exactly the way it should be.

Before I proceed, I will have to give a clear of what Google analytics is, and then I will suggest the very best WordPress Google Analytics plugin for your blog. Just read on below.

What is Google analytics?

WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

Google analytics is one of the products of Google Inc, which gives website owners and bloggers a way to collect data on the activities going on on their blog or website right from the time it was started.

This data ranges from traffic, traffic sources, gadgets through which the traffic came, and others. I have already explained and listed the kind of data collected at the beginning of my overview above, you may just scroll up a bit to read it again.

Is a Google analytics account very important?

Yes! Having a Google analytics account for your blog or blogs is very important as this will help you study the performance of your blogs.

How do I create a Google analytics account?

You could simply create a Google analytics account by simply visiting the url, https://google.com/analytics and then, signing in using your Gmail account. You can then add your website or blog.

Is the WordPress Google Analytics plugin the only way to view my site data?

No! It is not the only way. You can still check your site data by logging into your Google analytics account through the Google website. The WordPress Google Analytics Plugin is just a way to simplify having access to your analytics account.

Is it really necessary to use the WordPress Google Analytics Plugin?

Well, it is a very important and useful tool, but you may decide not to use it if you want to be checking your data by logging in directly into your Google analytics account. As I said before, the plugin is just a way to simplify things for you.

What are the benefits of Google analytics?

I will go ahead to itemize the benefits of Google analytics below.

1. It will help you collect accurate data on your traffic and visitors.

2. It will help you know the articles that are generating more views, which helps you to know what to focus on.

3. It will help you know the devices that are mostly used to access your blog.

4. It will help you know the countries where your visitors are majorly coming from.

5. It will help you know the websites that are referring visitors to your blog.

6. Analytics helps you know the overall performance of your blog and guides you on what to adjust or work on.

7. Above all it gives you a way to present your site data to advertisers that are bidding to place adverts on your blog. Analytics is a good way to convince them that your blog is really performing very well in terms of traffic and exposure, this will make them agree to your reasonable advertising price.

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There are a lot of other benefits in using analytics, but I will hold it here for now.

Does using WordPress Google Analytics plugin require payment?

Well, I think I already answered this question earlier above, some of these plugins are free, while some are paid. But the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin I am going to state below has both free version and paid version. The free version gives you free access to some features, while other features are locked and requires you to subscribe to unlock them. The free features alone are really very useful, in case you do not have money to pay for the other features.

What is the name of the best WordPress Google analytics plugin?

The best WordPress Google Analytics plugin I am talking about is “Google analytics for WordPress by monster insights“.  That is the name, Google analytics for WordPress by monster insights. You should install and activate this plugin.

WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

Where can I download this best WordPress Google Analytics plugin?

You can get this plugin Google analytics for wordpress by monster insights by simply going to the plugins section on your WordPress dashboard, click on “add new” and then, search Google analytics for wordpress by monster insights in the search box. Install it and activate it. Then, go ahead and follow the instructions to connect your analytics account to your WordPress dashboard using the WordPress Google analytics plugin.

How do I use the WordPress Google analytics plugin?

After installation, activation of the plugin and connecting your account, the Google analytics data will be fetched automatically and displayed on your dashboard each time you login to your dashboard. The data is updated automatically.

Congratulations! You now have the best WordPress Google analytics plugin on your blog and you can now easily view your site data directly on your dashboard.


With the above explanation and details, I believe you have now learnt about the best WordPress Google analytics plugin and every other thing you need to know about Google analytics.

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